In the cities of tier 2 and tier 3 India, Braand School is redefining education with its pioneering Freelance Assistance Program. This program aims not to just educate but also empower its students, turning classrooms into launchpads for aspiring freelancers.

Braand School: A Brief Overview:

Located in Siliguri, Braand School has focused on practical learning in marketing, branding, and design. Braand School prepares students for real-world challenges, especially in the dynamic freelance market.

Artwork for empowering freelancers program at braand school.

The Freelance Assistance Program:

1)Personal Branding and Portfolio Development:

Braand School helps students develop strong portfolios and personal brands, which are vital resources for any freelancer. Workshops and private sessions to highlight unique abilities and talents are part of this process.

A man helping in personal branding & portfolio development

2) Real-Life Application of Learning:

The curriculum at Braand School is designed to provide hands-on experience. Students work on real projects, learning to apply theoretical concepts in practical scenarios, a crucial step in preparing for freelance work.

illustration of Braand school's classroom setting where a teacher is instructing students with the aid of an interactive and futuristic digital blackboard.

3)Networking and Connections:

Students get important insights and contacts through frequent networking events and guest lectures from professionals in the field. These gatherings offer the chance to make connections with possible customers and mentors, which is essential for developing a freelance business.

A representation of a network or system.

4) First Client Acquisition Support:

Perhaps the most significant aspect of the program is the support in acquiring the first client. This crucial step is often the hardest for new freelancers, and Braand School’s dedicated assistance makes this transition smoother.

The image depicts a graphic designing student sitting in a modern office setting.

Braand School’s Freelance Assistance Program goes beyond traditional education boundaries, especially for students in digital marketing and graphic designing courses. It’s not just about learning; it’s about transforming that learning into a flourishing freelance career, thus bridging the gap from the classroom to the client.