The market environment of Siliguri is changing quickly from traditional marketing to include digital marketing strategies. Businesses are trying to establish a strong online presence by building a competitive landscape by utilizing social media, SEO, websites and various other creative approaches.

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As per the statistics of the year 2023, an estimated 43% of the city’s population uses the internet, indicating a significant online market ready to be explored . The mobile revolution has also benefitted the growth of digital marketing in Siliguri, with 70% of internet users accessing the web through their smartphones.

Siliguri firms, like worldwide, is now using digital marketing to grow and adjust to the changing needs of their target markets and consumer base and bring prosperity to the town. This is not just enhancing the growth of existing businesses but also leading to many new business avenues.

Siliguri, a town nestled amidst the mighty Himalayas, is famous for the four T’s: Tea, Timber, Tourism, and Transport. These sectors contribute to largest share of the economy of the region.

  • Tea Industry: West Bengal is the 2nd largest tea producer with Darjeeling producing an average of 575 kg per hectare and is also the largest exporter of tea from India.
  •  Timber Industry: Siliguri acts a hub for the production timber in the state and also exports the timber products to the United States, Japan and China.
  •  Tourism Sector: West Bengal accounts for 4.88% of the India’s tourism sector with Siliguri serving as the major gateway to tourist places of Northeast India.
  •  Transport sector: The travel and transport sector of Siliguri generates employment, assist businesses and tourism sector due to its strategic location and serves as a major transport node in the region.

The advent of digital marketing is proving a blessing to the businesses in town as it can help to attract new customers, build brand reputation, and increase sales and revenue.

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Some of the major business sectors that are benefiting from digital marketing are the tourism and hospitality industries of Siliguri which through their online presence and advertising are climbing the ladders of success.

Next such industry is the real estate sector which has been expanding at a high pace in recent years. Education and health industries are other such sectors where digital marketing strategies play a major role.

Also, many new startups in Siliguri are also gradually stepping on the path of digital media to increase their business potential. Some of the major business sectors that are using digital marketing are:

  • Hospitality Sector: Mayfair Tea Resort, Courtyard by Marriott, Udaan Hotels & Resorts.
  • Healthcare Sector: Ambuja Neotia Hospital , Desun Hospital, Maharaja Agrasen Hospital.
  • Retail Sector: Vega Circle, Reliance Digital, Godrej Interio, P.C. Jewelers and many independent boutiques.
  • Education Sector: Delhi Public School, G.D. Goenka School, Inspiria Knowledge Campus
  • Food and Beverage Sector: Backyard Bistro, Choco Day, The Yellow Chilli.
  • Local SEO

Search engine optimization is extremely essential for firms to increase their online presence. Optimizing for local search has grown integral as customers have started to depend more on search engines to find local companies, products, and services for their needs. 

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  • Content Marketing

Content marketing and creation is also becoming popular in Siliguri. Brands are recognizing how necessary it is to provide relevant, high-quality content to engage their audience and build authority within their particular fields. The audience is being given useful information through blogs, articles, and videos, which builds credibility and confidence in their brands.

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  • Growth of Influencer Marketing

Furthermore, it is impossible to exaggerate the role of influencers in digital marketing. Influencers with a regional or local following work with brands in Siliguri to market their goods and services. With their help, brands may reach a larger audience and establish more genuine connections with prospective clients. Influencers particularly in the fields of fashion, food, and travel such as, ‘Taste of Travelers’, ‘Hey Siliguri’, ‘Priya Biswas’, ‘Debesh Paul’ are gaining popularity.

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  • The digital marketing strategies in Siliguri are mainly focused on building websites, SEO and making social media presence which makes sure that companies engage with customers and build trust and bond with them.
  • Digital marketing is a cost-effective form of marketing that helps in reaching targeted and relevant audiences with increased visibility and metrics to measure results. That is why, it is gaining popularity in Siliguri.
  • With the advent of digital marketing, the entrepreneurship drive has also increased in Siliguri with many people building their online shopping platforms specifically in the fields of food, fashion, travel, education, real estate, news, and more such arenas.
  • Finding experienced and qualified digital marketing professionals can be challenging, especially for smaller businesses in Siliguri.
  • The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and keeping with the latest trends and technologies in digital marketing can be demanding.
  • The growing awareness and adoption of digital marketing have lead to increased competition in the online space for both small and large scale businesses.

The present digital marketing environment of Siliguri is a dynamic and evolving one. In the present world where technology rules everything, the businesses in Siliguri are steadily realizing how important digital marketing strategies are to maintain their brand reputation and stay on par with their competition.

Hence, with the rise of e-commerce, local SEO, and influencer partnerships, Siliguri is witnessing a digital revolution that is changing how companies interact and provide products and services to their customers. Businesses in Siliguri are, now, ready to take advantage of digital marketing to create a bright future ahead of them as the city continues to embrace the digital era.