Food influencers in Siliguri are revolutionizing how people find and enjoy food by sharing honest reviews and enticing photos. They boost the visibility of small restaurants and food stalls, attracting new customers.

Many have turned food blogging into a full-time career through brand partnerships and sponsored content. Their influence is recognized by local eateries as well as startups, who often invite them for tastings and reviews.

This blog lists the top 10 Instagram food influencers in Siliguri who you can follow to discover the best food the city has to offer!


Followers: 41k
Engagement Rate: 11.74%

Taste of Travellers Siliguri by Preeti Singh is your guide to the hidden culinary gems of Siliguri. They focus on local favorite street food stalls offering honest reviews. Recently, they have also started their business ‘Taste of Waffles,’ offering the city’s first stick waffles at S.F Road, opposite the LIC building.

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Followers: 47k
Engagement Rate: 35.62%

Shubhecha, the face behind Food Delight Siliguri, is not just a food reviewer but also an advocate and dancer. She provides mouthwatering food pictures, honest restaurant reviews, and glimpses into her active lifestyle.

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Followers: 33.5k
Engagement Rate: 11.74%

Foods of Siliguri keeps its followers updated with the latest restaurant reviews and new openings. Whether you’re a foodie or looking for new spots, this account guides the city’s latest restaurants.


Followers: 12.5k
Engagement Rate: 10%

The Food Story by Hiteshi Jalan offers a one-stop destination for culinary inspiration. Featuring delicious restaurant finds and home-cooked recipes, food story covers all your cravings.

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Followers: 12.5k
Engagement Rate: 5.42%

Next in the line is Scrumptious Siliguri which serves a delightful mix of food reviews with entertaining food-related reels. Sayena keep you engaged with reviews of restaurants and street food stalls, making food a fun experience.

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Followers: 20k
Engagement Rate: 5.52%

Through Food Stories, Sweta takes you on a visual adventure through food and lifestyle with stunning photos and engaging content that go beyond restaurant reviews.

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Followers: 11.5k
Engagement Rate: 21.66%

With a focus on food, travel, and lifestyle, Click Eat Share is perfect for those who crave a mix of restaurant finds and street food adventures. Their posts takes you through Siliguri’s culinary landscape offering honest reviews and mouthwatering visuals of food.

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Followers: 10k
Engagement Rate: 2.88%

Natasha Bhowmick is a must-follow influencer for those looking to explore flavors and experiment in the kitchen. Her page features restaurant reviews and home-cooked recipes, inspiring you to recreate those culinary experiences at home.

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Whether you’re a local or just visiting Siliguri, follow these influencers to find delicious meals and unique dining experiences. Happy eating!Top Food Bloggers in Siliguri you must follow!