Welcome to our exploration of West Bengal’s thriving startup ecosystem, a testament to the region’s spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. In this blog, we dive into the stories of ten remarkable startups that have not only transformed their respective industries but also have set benchmarks for startups nationwide.

1. Wow Momo – Revolutionizing Street Food

Wow Momo has completely changed the Indian fast-food landscape. This firm, which got its start in Kolkata, has elevated a common street food item to a culinary ecstasy. Their unique approach to hygiene, taste standardization, and a comfortable dine-in experience sets them apart, proving that traditional food can be both innovative and commercially successful.

wow momo

2. Rare Planet – Empowering Artisans

The dedication of Rare Planet to India’s rich artisan legacy makes it stand out. Through the empowerment of regional artisans and the global dissemination of their products, Rare Planet has established a sustainable environment. Their debut on Shark Tank India enabled them to expose the possibilities of Indian handicrafts in the international market and propelled them to national prominence.

rare planet

3. Mihup – Bridging Language Barriers with AI

Mihup is a trailblazer in AI, addressing India’s diverse linguistic landscape. Their platform’s ability to understand and interact in multiple Indian languages has massive implications for AI’s accessibility and usability in India, paving the way for more inclusive technology solutions.

4. Think Again Lab – Fostering Tech Education

The goal of Think Again Lab is to close the knowledge gap between academic and real-world computer education. They are shaping the next generation of innovative problem solvers for our technologically advanced society through a focus on robotics and hands-on learning in education.

think again lab

5. TeaBox – Revolutionizing the Tea Industry

TeaBox has transformed the way tea reaches your cup. By streamlining the supply chain, they ensure that the freshest tea leaves are delivered globally in record time. Their success is a testament to the potential of Indian tea on the world stage.

tea box logo

6. Style Bazar – Affordable Fashion in Small Towns

Style Bazar has carved out a place for itself in the apparel retail sector by focusing mainly on tier 1 and tier 3 cities. Their business model relies on providing fashionable clothing at a reasonable price. This has not only proved profitable but has also enabled smaller towns to have access to the newest trends.

style bazaar

7. SleepyCat – Simplifying Mattress Shopping

SleepyCat is causing a stir in the conventional mattress market. They have simplified the product selection and created a direct-to-consumer business strategy that makes shopping for mattresses easy and fun. Their accomplishments highlight how e-commerce may streamline conventional shopping experiences.

sleepy cat mattress

8. ToolsVilla – One-Stop Machinery Shop

ToolsVilla provides a large selection of equipment and tools, making it a vital resource for small and medium-sized enterprises. Their commitment to customer service and education—particularly via their YouTube channel—sets a new benchmark for industrial product online purchasing.


9. Brickcells Technologies – Innovating in Aquaculture

Brickcells Technologies are making waves in the aquaculture industry. Their revolutionary products assist fish producers in raising output while lessening their environmental effects. This startup is a wonderful illustration of how technology can change conventional business practices.

brickcells (1)

10. Braand School – The Launchpad for Success

An Educational Startup in Siliguri that was born from a simple belief: “Follow Your Passion”, to provide everyone with an opportunity to learn, grow, and find their spark. Offering Digital Marketing Course, Graphic Design Course, Video-Editing Course & much more to explore.

braand school


The startups of West Bengal reflect the region’s spirit of entrepreneurship and diversity of talent. These businesses are advancing on the path of economic growth. positioning West Bengal as a global hub for innovation, utilizing everything from artificial intelligence to e-commerce is their major impact. Aspiring innovators and business owners in the area and beyond find inspiration in them.