North Bengal is full of beautiful places, from misty mountains in Darjeeling to lush green meadows in the Dooars. But finding these hidden gems can be tricky. That’s where travel vloggers come in, becoming your virtual companions to guide you.

Join us as we introduce you to 7 popular travel vloggers, each showing you the amazing sights and cultures of North Bengal.

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Susthir Paul captures the true essence of moments and memories of the beautiful and hilly regions of North Bengal through his vlogs. By exploring offbeat destinations, Susthir takes his audience on journeys to the lesser-known hill stations and serene villages in the Himalayas.

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The vlogs of Arka Dip Roy celebrate the rich natural beauty of North Bengal. Apart from that, he explores various cultural events, festivals, and local traditions, providing a deeper insight into the region’s heritage.

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Riding through the scenic roads of the region on his motorcycle, Ankush Sarkar explores the beauty of Siliguri and its surrounding landscape. He takes viewers on thrilling rides through the dense green corridors of the Dooars, Himalayas, and beyond, all while showcasing the beauty of North Bengal.

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Asit Das is a content creator who captures the natural beauty of North Bengal. His vlogs showcase the lush and dense forests, and serene rivers making it easier for viewers to discover and appreciate the beauty of  North Bengal.

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Ankit Pradhan Choudhary, a vlogger, showcases the unexplored places of Siliguri and its surroundings. Through his vlogs, he guides the viewers through the markets, restaurants, and important tourist places of Siliguri, thus providing a holistic experience of the true North Bengal to the audience.

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Sohail crafts mini vlogs to showcase the natural beauty of North Bengal from exploring  tea gardens and breathtaking dense forests to highlighting the serene rivers and hills of North Bengal. His stunning nature photography adds to the perfect blend of exploration and aesthetics.

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The vlogs of Debabrata Sarkar captures the beauty of Siliguri and nearby attractions. From exploring the local cuisine and bustling markets to showcasing the peaceful nearby nature spots, Debabrata’s vlogs provide a comprehensive guide to Siliguri and its surroundings. 

Whether you are planning a trip to Siliguri or want to explore the unique places in Siliguri and beautiful North Bengal from the comfort of your home, these vloggers provide a gateway to the wonders of North Bengal so, pack your bag or just sit back and -Enjoy the trips!