For many years, there were concerns that the reading culture was declining. With the rise of digital media, smartphones, and short online content, some feared that fewer people were picking up actual books to read. However, recent trends suggest that reading physical books is making a comeback, especially among younger generations.

In a revealing podcast discussion, our team, a group of avid readers, shared their journeys with books from childhood to the present day. Many reminisced about their early days of discovering the joy of reading through comics, children’s books, and library visits. Despite the lure of phones and social media during their teenage years, they found ways to continue nurturing their love for books.

One participant, Khushi, spoke about her habit of frequenting the library as a child and swapping books with friends. Even when e-books gained popularity, she preferred the feeling of holding a physical book. “It was very fascinating. There were so many books at the library to read, it was my favorite thing to do,” she recalled.

Another reader, Saptaparni, shared how self-help books reignited her interest in reading during her college years. “I started with Atomic Habits, and I applied certain formulas from the book in my life, and it helped me in numerous ways,” she said, highlighting the practical benefits of reading.

The discussion also touched upon the recent resurgence of book fairs and events in cities like Siliguri, where people of all ages have been flocking to purchase books. “I think people are into reading. Siliguri has always been a hub for readers, and book fairs used to be crowded even a decade ago,” one participant observed.

While e-books offer convenience and environmental advantages, we agreed that the tactile experience of holding a physical book is unmatched. “Whether you read from an e-book or a book, you’re still reading. That’s what’s important,” we concluded, emphasizing that the act of reading itself is valuable, regardless of the medium.

As the world embraces vintage trends and a desire to disconnect from constant digital stimulation, the reading culture appears to be making a strong comeback. Book lovers are rediscovering the joys of getting lost in a good story, exercising their imagination, and expanding their horizons through the written word.