The Instagram algorithm has always been one of the biggest debates around creators, so it has been really important to understand how it works and changes through time for people looking to maximize their presence on the platform. This week on the podcast, your host Khushi covered the newest update on the Instagram algorithm and what it holds for creators.

Now, there is advice all around on how to engage, comment, post regularly—sometimes up to five times a day. But what does this latest update mean for you?

One of the key focuses of Instagram’s new algorithm is to promote original content and small creators. Instagram says reposted content doesn’t get as much priority on its feed as original content. This means that accounts that are just remixing someone else’s content are usually performance-driven, concerned with views and likes, and that can be really frustrating for the original creator.

Instagram is now making some moves to rectify this by removing such reposted content from its recommendations. In the changes, there are big shifts for creators of original content. For instance, very unique dance choreography that is usually posted and reposted many times usually loses the track of the original choreographer. Through this update, Instagram wants to take the users back to the original poster’s post so that the original choreographer feeds off the benefits.

Instagram says it is looking to support new and small creators, giving them more highlights and therefore focusing on them. That might mean if you’re a smaller account creating original content, this update could boost engagement and reach, incredibly favoring your post over higher profiles that are simply reposting.

In simple words: this latest update in the Instagram algorithm would help the creators out in terms of originality—a long-awaited boon to smaller creators.

Fill it with original high-quality content, grow your audience, and increase engagement from this change. Happy posting!